Tour Rules

Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required, which includes collared shirts and dress slacks or shorts.  If a player arrives at an event wearing improper attire they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament that day and will be reminded of the code so that they come dressed appropriately to the next event.

Items that are considered to be improper dress include but are not limited to; tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cutoff shirts, athletic shorts, denim shorts or pants, tube tops, halter tops, and bathing suits.

Pace of Play

Golf is meant to be a game that is continuously played for the enjoyment of all competitors.  If players are in a four-some they should complete their round in five-hours, or 17 minutes per hole.  Players that play in a three-some should be able to complete their round in four and a half hours, or 15 minutes per hole.

Points List 

Points are awarded  for the top 10 places in all boys divisions and the advanced girls  division. First place(1) 200 Points (2) 175 (3) 150 (4) 125 (5)100 (6) 90 (7) 80 (8) 70 (9) 60 (10) 50

Double points will be awarded for the Junior Amateur and the Perry Park event. Ties for all events will be split like the PGA Tour does for its prize money. For the girls, Wie division winners of 2 or more events will be bumped up to the advanced and will get an exemption for the Tour Championship.


No refunds for rainouts. Refunds for cancellations will only be made with a 2 week notification.


All spectators are welcome to come and view the events.  A few guidelines that we ask spectators to follow while watching their favorite junior golfers are…

  • Spectators are not allowed to give advice to players at any time
  • Spectators must remain at least 20 yards from players
  • Spectators must stay off of greens and tees
  • Spectators must be courteous to other players on the tour


Golf is a game for gentlemen and ladies and all players are required to maintain control while playing in all events on the 7-up tour.  A player acting in a un-sportsmanship manner that is seen or heard by a rules official or playing competitor will first receive a warning, the second offense will result in a two shot penalty, and the third will result in disqualification immediately and the player will be taken off the golf course.  A severe act of un-sportsmanship conduct will result in disqualification and requires no previous warnings.  The player will not be allowed to compete in any more events throughout the season.  If a player is not asked back to upcoming events their money will be refunded for the remaining events.

  • Un-sportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to; club throwing, cursing, defaming other opponents, vandalism of the course, cheating.
  • Severe acts include but are not limited to; fighting with other players, throwing clubs that endanger other players, severe acts of cheating.

All players competing are guests of the host facility and are asked to respect the course.  They should repair ball marks, fix divots and rake bunkers as they play their round.  Also, players should place trash in appropriate containers during the course of play.

Questions? Call Becky @ 859-322-2963