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GCGA Junior Membership grants eligibility to both the 1905 Junior Tour and the 7-UP Junior Tour.

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2016 GCGA Junior Membership

(at any GCGA Member Country Club, Golf Club or Golf Course)
GCGA membership is required to participate in Metropolitan Junior Boys’ and Girls’ Championships and also the GCGA Junior Tour.

It takes 3 easy steps to join the Greater Cincinnati Golf Association as a JUNIOR golfer:

1. Become a member by purchasing USGA Handicap Index (GHIN) at a GCGA
Member golf course. A list of all member clubs
and courses can be found at
Make sure to provide your address, email, and
birth date so you will recieve all the GCGA
information as part of your handicap and
membership into the GCGA.

2. Visit and become a
Junior Member! (Make sure to enter your correct
GHIN number.) Yearly membership fee for the
1905 Junior Tour is $60.

3. Sign up for any or all 1905 Junior Tour events
online throughout the year.  Play the area’s finest golf
courses at tremendous discounts!


GCGA Junior Tour Registration Policies

Membership & Fees

All eligible participates must be a member of the GCGA Junior Tour.
Membership fees are non-refundable.
GCGA Junior Tour membership fee is $60.
The fee for one day events is $40-$50
($20-$25 for 8-12 age divisions.)
The fee for two day events is $90-$100.
($45-$50 for 8-12 age divisions.)

For a schedule of all events click here.

Handicap Index

A Handicap Index is issued by your golf club and represents your potential scoring ability. When issued you are given a GHIN number which is your distinct account number for your Handicap Index. An active Handicap Index from a GCGA member facility/club is required for all juniors in order to apply for the GCGA Junior Tour. If you do not have an active Handicap Index and are a member of a private country club please contact your golf professional to activate. Otherwise, visit your local public golf course golf shop.

Entry Procedures

The GCGA will accept entries starting on November 1, 2015 at 12:00 am. No membership fees or tournament entries will be accepted for any reason before this date. Tournaments are filled in the order which entries are received. Default entry deadline is one week before event (subject to change).

Withdraws & Refunds

A player is required to immediately notify the GCGA if they need to withdraw from a competition via the GCGA Online Tournament Registration System. If Internet access is not available then withdraw via phone. Failure to notify the GCGA may result in disciplinary actions, which may include a suspension from future GCGA competitions.

A proper withdrawal is required for a refund to be granted. There are no refunds for memberships.

Timeline 1
Withdrawal before the entry deadline of one week before event will receive a full refund.

  • Refund amount is the entry fee

Timeline 2
Withdraws made after the deadline, a substitute can be inserted into that spot.

  • Refund amount is the entry fee

Tournament Cancellation Procedures

The GCGA reserves the right to cancel an event in the case of inclement weather or other incidents. If weather is threatening, a player should check the status of an event by checking the website. If the event is cancelled, the GCGA will make every effort to reschedule the event and entry fees will be credited toward the rescheduled event.

All 1905 Junior Tour tournaments are considered two nine hole stipulated rounds in case of inclement we reserve the right to shorten the events to nine hole tournaments.  Any player that hasn’t finished the entire 18 holes will be refunded half of their entry fee.

 Tour Divisions & Eligibility

There are two divisions, offering competition for all ages and playing abilities.

Boys Division

  • Boys must be at least 8 years old and no older than 18 by the date of each invidividual event.
  • Must have an active Handicap Index at a GCGA member facility/club
  • There are three divisions 8-12, 13-15 & 16-18
    • 13-18 divisions: 18-hole events
    • 8-12 division: 9-hole events

Girls Division

  • Girls must be at least 8 years old and no older than 18 by the date of each individual event.
  • Must have an active Handicap Index at a GCGA member facility/club
  • There are two divisions 8-12 & 13-18.
    • 13-18 division: 18-hole events
    • 8-12 division: 9-hole events

On-Site Check-In Policy

All Divisions are conducted in a tee-time format. Starting times will be posted on the GCGA website prior to the event, and an email will be sent to all contestants. All players are to arrive at the tee 10 minutes prior to their tee-time ready to play.

No-Shows & No-Cards

If a player does not participate in an event he/she is registered for, and does not properly withdraw from the event, they are considered a No-Show. If a player fails to return his/her scorecard following the round, he/she will be disqualified from the event and are considered a No-Card. A player who No-Shows or No-Cards shall be contacted and given notice. A player who No-Shows and/or No-Cards twice shall have his/her playing privileges suspended for the remainder of the season.

Rules of Play

Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Conditions of Competition will be governed by Local Rules. Some key rule principles that apply to all divisions are listed below.

  • Participants must walk and carry their own equipment.
  • Caddies are not permitted.
  • Participants must exchange scorecards with other players in their group, and mark scores for that player throughout the round.
  • Pull carts are permitted only at the discretion of the host facility.
  • Rule 6-6: Upon completion of the round, players must immediately proceed to the official scoring area to return their scorecards to a GCGA official. Players are responsible for the accuracy of their individual hole scores on their own cards, and having the signature of the marker (scorekeeper) and themselves on the scorecard before it is officially returned.

USGA approved range finders are permitted for junior tour events.

Pace of Play

Rules 6-7 states a player must play without undue delay. Players must keep up with the group in front of them at all times or are deemed to be out of position and subject to penalty.

Spectator Policy

The GCGA encourages spectators and parents to attend GCGA Junior Tour events. Spectators are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. The GCGA reserves the right to suspend and/or ban any spectator from events. Failure to comply with the following regulations may result in the immediate removal from the host facility and/or suspension of playing privileges for the junior member.

Spectators must check in at the registration table to receive a spectator badge. Spectators shall not give advice to players during the round. Spectators may carry player’s umbrella, apparel, or food but no equipment. Spectators may help players search for golf balls. Rulings and/or reports of rules violations will not be accepted from spectators.

Spectators must remain on the cart path and 30 yards away from players at all times, except when searching for a golf ball in which case they are not allowed to communicate with a player.

Any verbal and non-verbal contact could be construed as giving advice (Rule 8). Conversations with players are not permitted.

Spectator Cart Policy

Rental carts are at the discretion of the host facilty at a price determined solely by the host facility. The GCGA reserves the right to revoke a spectators priveledges. Spectator carts must stay on cart path.

Code of Conduct

The GCGA takes great pride in the quality of its programs, players, and host facilities. All members are expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct, which requires participants to grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions. Violations of the Code of Conduct include but are not limited to: Abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of tournament officials or host facility staff, abuse of the golf course (including failure to repair divots and ball marks), use of any type of tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol. Proper attire is part of the Code of Conduct, and required at all times. The following guidelines describe acceptable attire, unless stricter rules are required by a host facility.

  • Blue jeans, designer jeans, t-shirts, and tank tops are prohibited
  • Shorts must be mid-thigh length Golf shirts with a collar are required (except girls) and must be tucked in
  • Hats must be worn with the bill forward
  • Clothing referring to profanity, alcohol, tobacco, or sexual material is prohibited

The GCGA may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the violation. Two-stroke penalty, disqualification from the event where the violation occurs.

Junior Tour Standings

Each division and flight have separate season-long standings based on points earned at each event. The purpose of the GCGA Junior Tour Standings is to award members points for their participation in GCGA Junior Tour events.